CV sample for a restaurant business plan

CV sample for a restaurant business plan

Are you going to write a restaurant business plan? here is a sample CV that draws attention to the restaurant’s business plan, objectives, mission and vision, product / service description and management structure that are sure to attract investors.

  1. summary
  2. Market analysis
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Financial forecast
  5. Marketing plan
  6. Marketing idea strategies

Restaurant Business Plan Resume Example

Intercontinental MunaChimso® Restaurant A 150 seat family style restaurant owned exclusively by Betty O’Chimso and her family. The restaurant is to be located in the heart of Houston, Texas, and designed to make people of different nationalities and cultures feel at home and interact with their heritage and culture despite being thousands of miles from home . … countries.

The restaurant will be the place where more than a hundred intercontinental specialties, prepared by the best chefs in Texas, will be available at the same time.

We decided to open the first restaurant in our intercontinental restaurant in Houston, Texas due to the high percentage of migrants from Africa, Mexico and parts of Asia. The fact that we have a fondness for the African community makes Texas the most suitable place to start our business venture.

As a result, we know that we simply cannot go wrong if we have launched this business from here by any means. MunaChimso® Intercontinental Restaurant aims to redefine how the Texas cafeteria works.

In addition to opening our doors for customers to come and dine in a warm environment with lots of music that will remind them of their culture and heritage, we will also offer food delivery services to most of our customers who pass by. orders for one of our intercontinental dishes; and it doesn’t depend on what part of Texas they live in.

We will also run a cooking school and provide on-demand outdoor dining services. This is because we are aware that there are a lot of Africans in this city who may be too overwhelmed to make a living not to have the chance to cook food at a party when the need arises. is felt.

Our plan is to make the company the leading brand in the restaurant industry in Texas and to be one of the top 20 restaurants in the United States of America in its first 10 years. It may sound like too big a dream, but we hope it will certainly come true as we have done our research and feasibility studies and are excited and confident that Texas is the right place to start our intercontinental business before we go. expand to other parts of America.

We have now successfully found a site to set up the first restaurant mall in Texas and we are still working to obtain the necessary documentation and permits before proceeding with a full activity to prepare the site.

Our ultimate goal is not to create a successful first-class intercontinental restaurant in downtown Houston, Texas, but to open at least one intercontinental restaurant in major cities across the United States.

We have refined our plans to drive traffic to our restaurant every day – people of different cultures, races and countries etc. security in and around our facilities.

It is for this reason that we will install CCTV cameras in strategic locations and our security personnel will be fully trained to proactively resolve security issues. Therefore, our customers can be sure of their safety when visiting our intercontinental restaurant. Without further ado, safety is a top priority for us as we intend to bring celebrities and cream to the public in all of our stores across the country.

The date set for the opening of our doors is February 1, 2016 1 and we are working really hard to make this date a reality. So far we have succeeded in raising 60% of the required start-up capital and we are in the process of securing the remaining 40%.

The total budget for the creation of our intercontinental restaurant is around $ 200,000, and we can categorically state that we already have around $ 120,000. In addition, we are about to receive the last installment of an $ 80,000 loan from our bank.

  • Our products and services

The fact that we are opening an intercontinental restaurant means that we have to meet the needs of our customers, especially migrants who really want to reconnect through food with their culture and heritage. will go a long way in generating loyal customers. With this in mind, we have specifically listed no less than 100 different intercontinental dishes in our menu. Here they are:

  • We sell a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and wines.
  • We have a standard cooking school.
  • We offer home delivery services to our customers
  • We provide outdoor catering services.

Our vision

Be one of the top 20 intercontinental restaurant brands in the United States of America in record time

  • Our mission statement

Establishment of standard intercontinental restaurant chains in major cities of the United States of America; a place where migrants, tourists and people from all walks of life can reconnect with their culture and heritage through local specialties, drinks and music.

  • Our corporate structure

These are the following roles and positions that will be properly filled prior to opening our business doors to the general public and include:

  • General manager
  • Chief
  • restaurant manager
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Waiter and waitress
  • Cashiers
  • Expedition runners
  • Security personnel
  • Cleaners

Roles and responsibilities

Managing Director – Managing Director -:

  • Responsible for business management
  • Creation, communication and implementation of the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction – that is, leadership in the development and implementation of the organization’s overall strategy.
  • Responsible for the daily management of the company
  • Responsible for serving major clients and transactions
  • Responsible for pricing and signing trade agreements
  • Human resources director
  • Responsible for the payment of salaries
  • Responsible for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Measures the success of the organization
  • Forum reports

Restaurant manager -:

  • Responsible for managing the daily activities of the restaurant
  • Make sure the restaurant is in perfect condition and comfortable enough to receive customers.
  • Interfaces with third-party suppliers (suppliers)
  • Reports for the CEO
  • Respond to customer complaints and inquiries
  • Prepare budget and reports for the organization
  • Any other task as directed by the CEO

Chief –

  • Responsible for the preparation of delicacies
  • Lists and budget for kitchen supplies
  • Supervises all kitchen staff
  • Responsible for training new chefs
  • Ensures ready meals taste really good

Sales and Marketing Manager -:

  • Marketing manager of the company’s products and services
  • Responsible for the promotion of the company
  • Responsible for developing marketing and sales strategies, etc.
  • Represents the organization at certain strategic business meetings
  • Responsible for recruiting and training independent sales representatives
  • Any other duties assigned by the COO / Restaurant Manager

Waiters / waitresses

  • Serves clients quickly and professionally
  • Ensures unoccupied tables are always defined and ready for customers
  • extend chairs for guests upon arrival
  • any other task assigned by the COO / restaurant manager

Accountant / Cashier -:

  • receives payments on behalf of the restaurant
  • issues receipts to customers
  • Prepare a financial statement at the end of each work week
  • Manages all financial transactions on behalf of the restaurant.
  • Interact with our bankers
  • Responsible for paying taxes, fees and utility bills
  • Any other member designated by the CEO / manager of the restaurant

Mailing Manager -:

  • Fast delivery of customer orders
  • Deliver correspondence for the restaurant
  • Carry out instructions for the organization
  • Any other responsibility as directed by the floor manager / line manager

Security personnel

  • Make sure the facility is constantly guarded
  • Control traffic and organize parking
  • Occasionally provide safety advice to staff
  • patrol the building 24 hours a day
  • send weekly safety reports
  • any other task assigned by the restaurant manager

Cleaners -:

  • Responsible for cleaning the restaurant at all times
  • Make sure your toiletries and supplies are out of stock
  • Cleans both the interior and exterior of the building.
  • All other tasks entrusted by the restaurant manager,
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