A brief history of the motorcycle jacket

A brief history of the motorcycle jacket

The leather jacket is synonymous with motorcycle. Have you ever wondered how it went? When shopping for a new motorcycle jacket for men or women, keep this brief history of the leather jacket in mind.

Early 20th e Century

The leather jacket first struck the public consciousness during World War II. It was worn by the military for warmth and quickly became known as the bomber jacket due to interest from aviators.

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It wasn’t long before people in the company wanted the same style and durability. The brand’s house, Schott, realized there was a market for this jacket and the company quickly released the NYC Perfecto jacket. The brand’s founder brought the jacket to a Harley Davidson store in New York City, and a trend was born.

1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s

The Savages

From the 1980s to today

Movies like Top Gun has kept the leather bomber jacket fashionable, and for almost a century, the leather jacket. never went out of style. The aesthetic has even made its way abroad. Today, many cyclists choose to buy bespoke leather jackets to make sure they fit perfectly and look crisp.

The leather jacket has become a symbol of everything from the country’s cultural identity to the classic teenage rebellion. Bike Bandits has a wonderful collection of motorcycle jackets for women and men so you can get involved in a trend that has been around for decades. If you have any questions, please contact your Bike Bandits representative on tel. 1-888-339-3888.

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