Small business ideas for the rainy season in India

Small business ideas for the rainy season in India

Are you looking to start a business and earn quick cash in India during this dry season?  here are 50 best small business ideas for the dry season in India for 2021.

India has seen significant business growth in the previous decades due to trends that have caused the market to accept non-traditional businesses. Currently, there are many start-ups, thanks to which the country has gained worldwide recognition, despite the fact that India is a third world country with an unstable economy.

Startups are now a huge trend for the younger generation as most want multiple sources of income or don’t want jobs. So, if you are looking for small business ideas that you can implement in India during the rainy season 2021, reading this article will give you the inspiration you might need.

However, as with any business, it is important that you do some advance planning and have the skills to start a business, especially during the monsoons. You should also note that not all businesses are the same and some of them require detailed details a feasibility study of market dynamics, some will need a simple plan to keep you on track.

Hence, here are some small business ideas for the rainy season 2021 in India.

50 best small business ideas for the rainy season in India in 2021

  1. Fast food restaurant

If you are looking to generate significant income, starting a fast food restaurant is a good business idea. Depending on how much seed money you have, you can open a small-scale fast food restaurant with limited food items, and then start expanding your menu as the restaurant grows.

The fast food restaurant offers hot drinks and snacks during the rainy season, so this is the perfect business for you, especially since you can continue to do business after the rains end. You’ll need to invest in infrastructure, labor, raw materials, and furniture to get started.

2.making incense sticks

Although southern India, especially Kanataka state, is well known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of incense sticks known as agarbatti; it doesn’t mean you can’t do this type of activity if you are so inclined.

You can start by selling only hand-rolled incense sticks as there is more demand. Make sure that you can do them and that you also have strategies to get customers to your business because this business is very profitable.

3. Self-service laundry business

If you live in an area where there are a lot of young singles, you may need to start a self-service laundry business as not many young people like to do it. spend money on buying a washing machine and therefore often choose a laundry service. This type of business requires a one-time investment, but the returns can last a lifetime. Make sure you have strategies in place to reach the customers you need for your business.

4. Fertilizer plant

The rainy season is when farmers cultivate their crops, which increases the demand for fertilizer. As an innovative entrepreneur, you can do your part by applying fertilizers on a large scale. One of the advantages of large-scale fertilizer production is that you will receive subsidies as well as other benefits from the government.

A business will require you to have a lot of machinery, as well as raw materials that you can use to produce fertilizer. You will also need to invest heavily in capital and labor. This business is considered small, especially compared to other types of businesses.

5. Waste management company

There are a number of industries and institutions looking for ways to properly dispose of their waste, so starting a waste management business can be a very profitable opportunity for you. However, you will need specialized equipment for waste disposal and knowledgeable personnel who will collect and dispose of the waste. In order to enter into multiple contracts, you must make your transactions attractive enough to be seen in the target market.

6. Brewery

India is experiencing tremendous growth in demand for a variety of beers and hence any innovative entrepreneur can seize this opportunity to reap huge profits. Even though this industry requires a lot of investment, you can still gain market share by launching your own brand of beer, choosing a unique name that is easy to remember, and having strategies to differentiate your beer from others and for that. customers buy your brand.

7. Cleaning and cleaning services

If you are in an urban area, be aware that the population continues to grow per second as more people migrate to urban cities in search of better opportunities.

The lifestyle of an urban city is changing rapidly, and as a result, most people do not have time to take care of their housing, and as an innovative entrepreneur, this is a business you can easily, especially due to the fact that during the rainy season people’s accommodation can get dirtier… The advantage of this business is that you can clean as many rooms as possible, especially if you pay by the hour.

8. Company relocation

Most people like to move during the rainy season because it is during the rainy season that one can judge what a new territory will look like and thus start a moving company. during this period, you can get huge profits; A good thing about this activity, however, is that it will continue even after the rainy season.

9. Washing of cars and bicycles

Cars and motorcycles tend to get very dirty during the rainy season, and as a result, many people will want to wash their bikes and cars. A car and bicycle washing business is likely to be a big profit for any serious entrepreneur, especially since you can continue to do business after the rains. The business requires a one-time investment to purchase car and bicycle washing equipment, supplies, and hire knowledgeable staff to help you.

10. Children’s playroom

With the rapid movements made by technology, setting up a gaming parlor has become a lucrative business, especially for gaming enthusiasts. Children today are very interested in the online world and therefore starting this type of business will definitely be the best decision, especially when the rainy season makes them play longer.

Most of the money you will need to start a business will be used to buy the gaming equipment you need, as well as renting space where you can do business. You can optimize your costs by purchasing used equipment.

11. Bakery

Bakery products can be launched during the rainy season, especially if customers are confident they will buy warm bread. Most people prefer local bread over commercial bread, so if you are in a strategically important location, you will likely attract enough customers.

Besides bread, you can also bake cookies, biscuits, cakes, pastries and other baked goods that you think will attract the right customers. If you don’t have the money to rent a store for a bakery business, you can start a home-based business, but make sure you have strategies to let customers know about your business.

12, car rental

If you have substantial capital, you can start a car rental business, especially with a large number of people – like foreign tourists and businesses looking to cross the ferry. large customers are more likely to use cars during the rainy season than scooters and bicycles.

  1. Beauty salon

Starting a beauty salon business is very popular right now and it is a business that will generate huge profits, especially during the rainy season when the rain can ruin a lot of hair and makeup.


Maize is considered to be the best grain because it has the highest genetic potential for yield of any grain available. In addition, corn is one of the most versatile crops and it is able to adapt to different climatic conditions.

Maize can be used for a variety of purposes, from direct consumption to processing and using for other forms of consumption, so it is a good business to start, especially during the rainy season. If you want to grow on a commercial basis, you will need to use quality seed to attract many customers.

15. Mushroom house

With mushroom cultivation, you can start with little capital, but make huge profits in a matter of weeks, especially if you know how to grow mushrooms, because mushroom cultivation requires knowledge of art, science and technology. .

If you are inexperienced, you may need to ask other mushroom pickers what the best methods are. You should also know about the different types of mushrooms available, the best conditions for growing mushrooms, how much it will cost you and how quickly you can recoup your investment.

16. Coffee

If you are thinking about the perfect business to start during the rainy season, you should consider setting up a cafe where you can sell hot coffee and snacks. If you are passionate about opening a cafe, you can definitely start this business after spending a lot of money.

Most Hindus see cafes as a place outside their home where they can relax. One thing that you should note about this type of business is that it is a high volume business with few transactions.

17. Food delivery (Tiffin service)

In India, a growing number of individuals and families are now receiving daily meals from those providing food delivery services, also known as “Tiffin Service”.

Starting this type of business doesn’t require a lot of capital like everything you need; kitchen utensils, packaging materials such as steel food boxes, food ingredients and delivery vehicle or bicycle. It is important that you have strategies that will ensure that your target customers are familiar with your business.

18. Pest control

The rainy season is the perfect season for pest attacks, so starting a pest control business will be very profitable for you. However, this type of business requires that you have the necessary skills, as well as knowledge of the different types of pests that exist and the different procedures that can be used to control them.

Knowing this, you will be able to offer your customers different options as they are more likely to choose what they can afford. Make sure you have the equipment you need to run your business effectively.

20. Food cart

The restaurant industry has evolved and food trucks are now becoming the norm for entrepreneurs who know how to cook but cannot afford to serve their customers.

20. Production of certified seeds

One of the most popular and lucrative businesses you can start during the monsoon season is providing quality seed. You need to know the types of seeds you intend to produce and whether you are going to produce one type of seed or multiple seeds.

This type of business requires that you have a certain level of technical skills as there are a number of strict procedures that must be followed if you want to produce the highest quality seed. Find out what regulations in your state apply to seed certification so you don’t start a business. in which problems arise.

21. Grocery store

A grocery store is where people go for basic amenities, and while it can be a year-round business, it’s the perfect business to start up during the rainy season, especially if you are providing service. delivery to those who may not be able to leave. their homes or offices to come and shop in your store.

One of the criteria for a breakthrough in this industry is where you intend to find a grocery store, as it is important that you find your store in a high traffic area. Also make sure your grocery store signage is clearly visible.

22. Recycling of waste paper

It is a cheap business that you can start and make a lot of money for yourself. This type of business requires a minimum of materials and yet the profit is very high. You will need to find reliable contacts to collect old papers.

23. Child care service

Nowadays, more and more women are bringing bread home either as single parents or trying to help their partner and therefore did not have time to care for their children in the past. this is why so many childcare services are on the increase.

The good thing about this type of business is that you can use your home especially if you have a large living room with support and no clutter, otherwise you may need to rent space to run this business. In addition, you can take care of your customers at home, but this can be extremely limited in terms of the income you will receive.

24. Courier service

During the rainy season, people would still like to deliver packages, but wouldn’t like to go out in the rain to do so, and so if you are innovative enough, you can start this business because all you need is a scooter or a small car. … The good thing about this business is that it takes a little bit of capital to get started and you can still manage it even after the rainy season.

25. Tea supplier

It’s one of the easiest businesses you can start, especially if you don’t need a lot of capital to start a business. To do this, you will need a bicycle, a large kettle of hot water, tea bags and sugar. The rainy season is a time when people drink a lot of hot liquids and therefore this activity will be a success; You can always leave your bike in a sheltered location if the rain should protect your investment.

26. Sales raincoats

No one wants to move around during the rainy season without any protection, and the raincoat has been one of the most popular ways to protect yourself during the rainy season. The fact that this is an important item means that you can still wholesale and sell during the rainy season; any remaining stock can be stored until the next rainy season.

Make sure that the raincoats you are looking for are trendy, as you may not be frequented by many people if you buy something that is not trendy.

27. Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of using technology to collect and store rainwater so that it can be used in households, as well as for agro-industrial and industrial purposes, and it is one of the most efficient methods of water resources management. and the backup method. There are two processes for storing rainwater, one is the collection of surface runoff and the other is the collection of roof rainwater.

After collecting rainwater, it can be stored in a natural reservoir, a reservoir or diverted to an artificial recharge system. In order to be able to start and run this business, it is important to have a basic knowledge of civil engineering.

28. Assembly and sale of umbrellas

Although the umbrella can be used both during the rainy season and the dry season, it is one of the products whose demand always increases strongly during the rainy season.

You can simply buy umbrellas in bulk from the manufacturers and sell them to a target market for a profit, or you can collect umbrellas by creating a personalized umbrella for kids and teens. If you are intending to collect umbrellas, be sure to be very creative and aware of trends in the kids and teens industry so that you don’t end up putting together umbrellas that no one wants.

  1. Vending machine

A vending machine is a form of retailing that has been technologically modernized. The good thing about this type of business is that you don’t have to be there to serve the customers because if you have a vending machine set up in a strategically important location and you are still getting your products to the right place. moment, you will still be generating income.

Be sure to stock in your vending machines items that are always in demand during the rainy season, such as hot coffee, tea, snacks, cigarettes, etc. If you can afford more than one vending machine, you will likely start this business with a lot of money.

  1. Spa and massage services

The rainy season can cause a lot of stress and exhaustion and therefore people need to go to a place where they can relax not only physically but also mentally which is why a spa is such a lucrative business to start with.

Resort Culture Booming in India, the most common spa treatments are aromatherapy, body treatments, facials, hydrotherapy, massages (from Ayurvedic to exotic massages). In order for your spa and massages to be known, you need packages that attract the right customers. This type of activity is not limited to the rainy season.

31. Candle trade

Candles are used by almost everyone, whether at home or in religious places, so starting this business is sure to generate income that will grow and increase your pocket if you have the skills and knowledge to make candles. candles. You can also make candles that can be used for special occasions, and the fact that people are more likely to buy more candles when it’s cold and humid than it is hot is reason enough to get involved.

32 snail farming

Snails are generally considered a healthy food source due to their high protein and fat content, and the need for snails is increasing day by day, especially since all parts of the snails are considered healthy. . The profit that can be obtained from snail farming on a commercial basis is quite large, and with the help of modernized modern technologies it is possible to get enough profit from snail farming in a year.

Before starting this type of business, make sure you have enough business knowledge to know the types that would allow you to generate more income, as well as the best place to start growing snails. It is one of the ideal rainy season businesses to start in India.

  1. Plumbing services

Even if you are not good at plumbing, that doesn’t mean you can’t run the business and make a living because you can hire skilled workers to do the jobs you get and make sure you have all the plumbing. tools and equipment in place. To be successful in the plumbing business, you need to educate the public to attract customers.

34. Yoga center

Yoga has become a very popular form of exercise and although it originated in India there are still a lot of people who need someone to teach them how to do yoga and if you are good at yoga , you can open a yoga center which will attract not only locals but also foreigners. Make sure your yoga center is strategically located so that more people know about it, as it can be a good place to visit during the rainy season as well.

35. Supply of generic drugs

During the rainy season, many people get sick and sometimes cannot get to the pharmacy to get the necessary medicine, so you can get these generic medicines on your scooter or car. drugs at wholesale prices and then delivered to those who cannot afford them or to doctors in remote villages. It’s not business as usual, so you need to understand everything there is to know about the business and the licenses you need to run the business.

36, twinning company

More singles usually feel very lonely during the rainy season, and therefore starting a buddy business means taking advantage of an opportunity that will allow you to generate a lot of income. To get your business noticed, you will need to participate in a lot of promotional activities. The advantage of this type of business is that you not only need low capital to start up, but you can also run this business even after the rainy season.

37. Sale of homemade sweets and snacks

India is a place where many people enjoy homemade sweets and snacks, and so if you know the various traditional recipes for popular Indian sweets and snacks, then this is the deal for you. If you want to avoid expensive licensing procedures, you may need to start a small business where you will make small amounts of candy and spices and sell them door to door instead of renting space.

38. Breakfast service

One of the cheapest business ideas you can start is a breakfast service because you don’t need a lot of money to start this business. During the rainy season, many people do not have time to cook their food and therefore will not be afraid to have breakfast on the street. Make sure to offer your favorite Indian dishes such as dosa, hard-boiled eggs, idli, scrambled eggs, and buttery scones. You can also serve hot drinks such as tea and coffee with your meals.

39.Bread production in India

There are many varieties of breads in India such as paratha and chapatis and so it is a lucrative business that you can start especially if you are good at kneading dough and many people will certainly buy from you. especially during the rainy season. You will need a bread press, food grade plastic bags, a stove and a sealer. You can try to sell your Indian bread in non-household stores.

  1. Sale of rubber shoes and sandals

You will need a significant amount of money to buy large quantities of rubber shoes and sandals, and you can make deals with stores and supermarkets to get them to transport your goods.

  1. Alcohol delivery

The rainy season begins with a bad cold and some people take alcoholic drinks to avoid colds as hot drinks cannot be taken all the time. So, by making sure you get into the liquor delivery business, you can make a lot of money because not many people want to drink all the time.

If you have a scooter and have contacts with reliable dealers where you can buy spirits at wholesale prices then this is a business you should definitely start because you will not only be selling at market prices but the cost of shipping will also be added.

  1. Spice powder production

Making spice powder can be one of the many big brands, but if you really want to start your own spice business, you can be successful. There are a few consumers who do not like commercially made spice powders and prefer homemade ones instead; therefore, it is best to make sure that you make your spices in small amounts so that you always have a fresh supply.

In conclusion, startups can be very hectic, whatever your plan; therefore, it is important that you remain patient and keep working until your efforts bear fruit. While there are many factors that allow you to run a successful business; Attracting loyal customers and a constant flow of customers is one of the surest ways to be successful.

The above businesses are basic small business ideas which are very profitable in India during monsoons and can be started with a little cash. Make sure you analyze all business ideas carefully before choosing the one that best suits your skills and budget.