Marketing ideas strategies for creative restaurants

Marketing ideas strategies for creative restaurants

Do you run a restaurant business and want to increase customer loyalty and product sales? here are 50 creative marketing ideas for restaurants

By giving you:

  1. Overview of the restaurant industry
  2. Market study and feasibility
  3. Restaurant business plan
  4. Restaurant name ideas
  5. Licenses and permits for restaurants
  6. Cost of starting the restaurant
  7. Restaurant marketing plan

Now let’s take a look at some marketing ideas and strategies for making your restaurant business the number one restaurant in your area.

Starting a restaurant business – Analysis and research of market opportunities

  • Demography and psychography

When it comes to food, no specific demographic needs it. Everyone needs food. This means that everyone i.e. old people, youth, children, teenagers etc. all need food and are all potential restaurant customers. Basically, the target foodservice market includes people from all walks of life because everyone needs food to survive.

Well, it’s important to note that various restaurants more often than not design their catering business to meet the service demographics, which is reflected in the location and type of restaurant they choose. For example, a restaurant may open an intercontinental restaurant and also locate its restaurant in a popular area of ​​the city.

In order to focus on the type of business brand they intend to create, most restaurants typically identify certain groups of people as their target demographic, and this can fall into one of the categories listed below;

  • Students
  • Working class
  • Migrants
  • International tourists
  • Top management
  • Families
  • Celebrities
  • Diplomatic community
  • Residence
  • Corporate organizations

50 Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas For Restaurants

  • Foodservice Marketing Ideas and Strategies

It is important to make it clear that with this permission, customers use the Internet to find restaurants, read reviews, view menus and, of course, book tables online; many processes have gone digital. This is why most restaurants are increasingly using technology and the Internet to market and advertise their restaurants.

Here you’ll find a sample restaurant marketing plan template and ideas that you can use for FREE. Here are some ideas and marketing strategies you can use for your restaurant business;

  • Direct marketing
  • Sponsored TV and radio programs
  • Install your billboards at strategic locations in the city
  • Use of sales agents and sales representatives
  • Internet Marketing (through your official website, social media platforms and blog, etc.)
  • Referral Marketing
  • Revenue sharing business partners (event organizers and entrepreneurs)
  • Public relations at exhibitions

Factors to Help You Get the Right Product Price for Your Restaurant Business

It is a fact that any change in the cost of food directly affects the margin. One way to get the right price while making a reasonable profit from catering is to make sure that you buy food and ingredients in bulk and maybe direct from the farmer’s market. This will help you cut costs and reduce cost fluctuations.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Our Catering Business

  • Creation of corporate identity for our catering company

It is very important that someone has an overview of the brand image. Why is this so? This is mainly due to the need to explore all available means to make our restaurant business known to everyone. Therefore, we will use all available means (conventional and non-traditional) for advertising and business promotion. Increasing our brand awareness will greatly attract us to the accessible market.

Here are the ways in which we intend to create a corporate identity for our restaurant business.

  • Development of a unique company logo
  • Advertise on print and electronic media platforms
  • Please ensure that our employees wear our designer shirts at all times during office hours, as well as when we need to perform certain tasks outside.
  • Place our flexi banners with our company logo and our contacts in strategic positions
  • Sponsor relevant TV shows
  • Serve celebrities when the big show is on.
  • Help the celebrities on the set.
  • Expanding the capabilities of our business website to promote our business
  • Leverage on the Internet and social networks such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo, Snap Chat, Google+ and other platforms to promote our corporate brand
  • Install our bulletin boards in strategic locations
  • From time to time distribute our leaflets and flyers in targeted areas
  • Possible competitive strategies to win over your competition in the restaurant industry

When it comes to being competitive in the restaurant industry, you have to be very creative to stay on top. High quality and appetizing food, varied food, great customer service, and a great location are some of the factors that you can use as a competitive advantage.

  • Possible Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty For Your Restaurant Business

Without a doubt, one of the strategies that you will need to generate repeat sales from your customers, as well as to retain them, is to make sure that the quality and taste of your food delivery and customer service is always up to date. in place.

The truth is, if the taste and quality of your food and customer service fluctuate, you are likely to have a hard time getting your customers back. People generally eat foods that taste good. You can also use promotional ideas such as loyalty programs, direct marketing, promotions and merchandising.

Marketing ideas relevant to our catering business

Profitable ways we intend to advertise / promote our restaurant without using the internet

Here are the platforms we intend to use for advertising and promoting our restaurant business;

  • Place advertisements on national TV channels, radio stations and newspapers / magazines
  • Sponsor an appropriate community program
  • Install our electronic bulletin boards in strategic locations
  • Take part on the road from time to time
  • From time to time, send our leaflets and leaflets to the targeted areas
  • Send cover letters to businesses and households in our target markets.
  • Make sure our employees always wear our branded shirts during working hours, and we also make sure to label our vans, trucks and cars etc.

Affordable ways to advertise and promote our restaurant business on the internet

We are well aware that the internet is currently the largest advertising / promotion platform of any business, and there is a good thing about online advertising which is much cheaper than other traditional advertising platforms. . that we will monitor everything that is available on the Internet to advertise our services.

Here are the ways in which we intend to use the internet to advertise / promote our food products:

  • Take advantage of social media such as; Instagram, Facebook, Badoo, Snap Chat, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, etc.
  • Start blogging about food and service.
  • Create a website about our restaurant where people can also place orders.
  • Create an interactive business website and use the platform to promote our catering business
  • Advertise on high traffic sites
  • Participate in blogs and use the platform to promote our product services
  • Use an email marketing strategy to advertise and promote our restaurant.

Creative marketing ideas specific to our restaurant

Creativity is one of the things that makes a business stand out. Companies that already have good advertising credentials have really brought in a lot of uniqueness. This should also affect the restaurant industry. We need to be able to think outside the box, or even think outside the box, to make sure we reach the target people we want to visit, as well as commit to outdoor dining.

Here are some of the ideas and marketing strategies that we will adopt for our restaurant business:

  • Direct marketing
  • Use of sales agents and sales representatives
  • Leverage for online marketing (through our official website, social media platforms, direct mail marketing and blog, etc.)
  • Leverage for referral marketing
  • Income distribution business partners
  • Public relations at exhibitions
  • Give away free food
  • Spend tasting days in an open day

Setting up a supplier / distribution network for your restaurant

If you work in a restaurant, it is very important to create channels for suppliers who will provide you with raw food and other culinary ingredients. This will save you time and possibly cost, especially if they have farms that grow the raw foods and ingredients they need. To avoid disappointment, it would be wise to have more than one seller / supplier.

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