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Are you starting a microbrewery and want to increase customer loyalty and product sales? here are 50 Creative Brewery Marketing Ideas

By giving you:

  1. Beer industry overview
  2. Market study and feasibility
  3. Micro brewery business plan
  4. Micro-brewery marketing plan
  5. Micro brewery name ideas
  6. Microbrewery licenses and permits
  7. Start-up cost of the microbrewery
  8. Marketing ideas for microbreweries

50 creative marketing ideas for a brewery

  • Demography and psychography

when it comes to selling beer, there is indeed a wide range of customers. Essentially, demographics and psychography cannot be limited to just one group of people, but to all those who love beer and those who would like to taste it. One thing is for sure: if you are going to sell beer in the United States, it must be sold to people over the age of 18, not minors.

If you want to open a brewery, you might be ready to sell your beer to the following group of people:

  • business leaders
  • businessmen
  • people in the entertainment industry
  • craftsmen
  • Men’s and women’s sports
  • Government officials
  • Students over 18
  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • The level of competition in the brewing industry

The fact that beer is consumed all over the world prompts entrepreneurs to enter the industry, hence the level of competition in the industry.

There are different levels of competition in the brewing industry, and it exists between companies that own larger breweries and between companies that own microbreweries. Standard breweries whose beer is distributed regionally or nationally can compete with each other, while microbreweries that operate in the same location compete for available market share.

It should also be mentioned that breweries in the United States also compete with breweries in other countries simply because the beer is imported from other countries into the United States.

The truth is that despite the high level of competition in the brewing industry, the entrepreneurs who run the business still make a profit, and some of them bring in up to 50% in income, especially micro breweries / craft breweries which are in good condition. position and over time have been able to protect many repeat customers.

Factors to Help You Get the Right Product Price for Your Beer

It is a fact that any fluctuation in the cost of raw materials used in brewing directly affects profitability. One way to get the right price and still make a reasonable profit from the brewing business is to make sure you buy the raw material directly from the wholesale distributor or the farmer’s market. This will help you to reduce cost fluctuations.

You can also only hire key people and transfer some roles that are not needed, which will help you lower the costs of running your business, which will help you get the right prices, which will allow you to sell to a lower price and, in turn, attract many customers.

Guerrilla marketing strategies for our micro-brewery

  • Creation of a visual identity for our micro-brewery

We are well aware that our brand has to do with how people view us, which is why we think about it when it comes to communicating and promoting our brand.

We will use print and electronic media to promote our brand and corporate identity. In fact, using social media to promote our brands is cost effective and very effective.

Here are the ways in which we intend to create a corporate identity for our brewery.

  • A unique company logo developed
  • Place advertisements on print and electronic media platforms
  • Make sure our employees wear our branded t-shirts at all times during office hours, and we also make sure to label our vans, trucks and cars etc.
  • Place our flexi banners with our company logo and our contacts in strategic positions
  • Sponsor relevant TV, radio and community shows
  • Expand our company website to promote our company
  • Leverage on the Internet and social networks such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo, Snap Chat, Google+ and other platforms to promote our corporate brand
  • Install our bulletin boards in strategic locations
  • Distribute our leaflets and flyers in targeted areas from time to time

Marketing ideas relevant to our brewing business

Profitable ways we intend to advertise / promote our brewing business without using the internet

  • Place advertisements on national TV channels, radio stations and newspapers / magazines
  • Sponsor an appropriate community program
  • Install our bulletin boards in strategic locations.
  • List our micro brewery on the yellow pages
  • From time to time distribute our leaflets and flyers to the target areas
  • Ensures our employees typically wear our branded shirts once during office hours.

Inexpensive ways we intend to advertise / promote our microbrewery on the internet

We are well aware that the internet is currently the largest advertising / promotion platform for any business and a good thing about internet advertising is much cheaper than other traditional advertising platforms. That is why we will follow all the media available on the Internet platform to announce our brewing activity.

Here are the ways we intend to use the internet to advertise / promote our brewing business:

  • Use on social networks such as; Instagram, Facebook, Badoo, Snap Chat, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, etc.
  • Use mobile apps to promote our local beer
  • Create an interactive business website and use the platform to promote our brewing business
  • Place ads on high traffic sites
  • Blog and use the platform to promote our brewing activity
  • Using an email marketing strategy to advertise and promote our local beer production

creative marketing ideas specific to our germ business

When it comes to developing creative marketing ideas specific to the microbrewery business or similar businesses, one strategy for us is to give away free locally produced beer from our brewery during the event. official opening of the microbrewery. as well as certain days. This will allow potential customers to get a taste / feel of the variety of local beers we produce in your brewery.

One thing is for sure if they like the taste of our local beer; they will likely come back and buy from us and in turn become our repeat customers and brand ambassadors.

Recently, the Internet has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for all products and services. Those who run breweries aren’t standing aside when it comes to developing creative ways to market locally brewed beer on the internet. One thing about internet marketing is that we can target your marketing efforts to our target market through internet filters and other relevant software applications.

Build a supplier / distribution network for your micro brewery

The distribution of beer in the United States of America is subdivided into producers, wholesalers and retailers. Breweries are responsible for brewing beer, distributors are responsible for transporting and selling beer to retailers, and retailers are responsible for selling beer to the general public under U.S. law.

It is important to properly distribute the distribution network when choosing a site for the construction of a brewery. If you are located downtown, it will be easier for distributors to access your brewery and distribute your beer to retailers.

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