60 best tax-free business ideas for 2021

60 best tax-free business ideas for 2021

Looking to start a duty free business but don’t know where to start?  here are 50 Best Duty Free Business Ideas / Opportunities for 2021.

Because taxes are essential for a country’s government to function and meet its obligations to the people Taxes are seen by some businessmen, especially small business owners, as one of the challenges they face when growing their business.

As a result, the government of the United States of America and, of course, other countries around the world have created duty-free havens for some small businesses, especially those tackling major issues in the industry. their communities.

What is a tax-free business?

Tax-free or non-taxable companies refer to a statutory exception to the general rule, and not to a simple absence of taxation, otherwise called an exception. Tax exemption also refers to a deduction from the taxation of a specific item, and not a deduction.

In the United States of America, the tax exemption threshold is $ 18,200 for individuals. The sole proprietorship is taxed as part of your personal income, on which you are required to pay income tax at the personal income rate. This means that if your business earns $ 18,200 or less per year, you are exempt from business tax. In fact, there are a number of online businesses that are tax exempt not only in the United States of America but around the world.

Most countries in the world do not tax companies created for retirement investments and pensions. activities for employees; and many countries also provide tax breaks for personal pension plans.

There are a number of tax-free businesses in the United States of America, and if you’re looking to start a business tax-free, here are 50 companies. that you can successfully run.

50 best tax-free business ideas for 2021

  1. Start a ghost writing business

Becoming a ghost writer or starting a business writer is one of the best tax free business ideas that can thrive in the United States if you are in America.If you are a gifted and creative writer, you can do something cute in this domain Business. There are a lot of people who are about to write the author of at least one book, but cannot due to a very busy schedule. All you have to do is collect their thoughts and put them in a book. Although your name does not appear in the book, you will most certainly be rewarded for your services.

  1. Start a freelance writing business

An independent business is definitely a tax-free business idea to start in the United States of America. If you are a creative writer and have enough time, you can make a good income from a freelance writing business.

There are many websites where you can get high paying writing jobs. Some of these sites are freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com, elance.com, etc. In fact, you can hire other freelance writers to work for you when you have enough presentations written.

  1. Start a business that revolves around buying and selling on eBay

Buying and selling items on eBay is another tax free business idea that can be started in the United States of America. Ebay is an online platform where you can buy and sell your items. All you have to do is sign up for their services, follow their rules when listing and selling your products, and be extra careful when dealing with your customers. If you have good negotiation and marketing skills, you can buy a product on eBay and sell the same product for twice the price you bought the product at.

  1. Video editing services

Another free business that a budding entrepreneur can start successfully in the United States of America is a video editing service. While it is easier for people these days to post reinforcement videos on social media platforms and get a few likes, if you are selling resource videos you should aim to be professional with videos on social media. sell. your online business and find a source of customer information for the online community.

  1. Sale of event tickets

Selling tickets to events is another easy, tax-free business to start in the United States of America. People usually buy tickets to watch live sports broadcasts or to attend music concerts, comedy shows, etc.

Believe me, it’s a cool way to make money in the United States of America, and it’s not worth paying taxes, especially if the business is small. Please note that this type of business is commission based; the expected amount depends on the number of tickets sold. So, to make more money, you need to make sure you sell more tickets.

  1. Offer voice services

As a budding entrepreneur looking for a tax-free business idea in the United States of America, your good voice and excellent diction are a plus; with it you can earn extra income as long as you are willing to work. It’s simple, all you have to do is outsource to Google and you’ll see tons of them. Make sure you read them and choose the ones you can handle. As a voice artist, you can register with an advertising agency and they will help you get dubbing jobs.

  1. Create a book club

The Book Club is another duty free business to start in the United States of America. Book clubs are a group of people who come together to discuss one or more books they have read or books they are currently reading. It’s cheaper to start and run a book club, but you have to get creative if you want to make money with your book club.

In addition to the membership fees that you will receive from people who want to join your book club, you may also need to set up a book club; at the Book Sales Club you will be able to sell books at a reduced price to your members, and of course your members will be the first to receive newly published books from your stable.

  1. Become a translator

Becoming a translator is another duty free business to start in the United States of America. As a budding entrepreneur, if you can speak and write in two or more languages, whether foreign or local, you can easily list your services online as a translator.

There are many book authors and film producers who are willing to translate their books into local dialects or other foreign languages ​​if they can find someone to do it for them at an affordable price. You can visit elance.com, freelancer.com, oDesk.com and other freelance sites to find sources for homework translation.

  1. Start making and selling an ice block business

Depending on the scale at which you want to start this type of business, on average you shouldn’t have to pay tax when starting a block of ice and selling a small business from your home. home. With an efficient block ice machine, all you need to do is hire a salesperson to help you run the business.

There are many businesses, such as mobile trucks / soda carts, smoothies and juice trucks, etc., that depend on the supply of ice packs to keep their business going. So, if you are looking for a tax exempt business to start in the United States of America, you should consider starting an ice pack manufacturing and sales business.

  1. Editing and verifying documents for companies

Another tax-free business to start in the United States of America is document editing and reading. In addition to the tax-free editing and proofreading activity, it requires little or no start-up capital to get started. The nature of this business makes it easy to work from home and for customers thousands of miles from your country.

If you are a good copywriter and need more details, you should consider visiting freelancer.com, elance.com, oDesk.com and others to register and become a member. On these platforms, you can get a fair amount of editing and proofreading tasks that you can do.

  1. Home tutoring service

A home-based business is another tax-free business idea to start in the United States of America. This type of business is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if they have a knack for teaching and transferring knowledge.

Parents use teachers to teach their children at home, so they need home educators. So if you are good at teaching you should consider starting a home tutoring service and you can get other people involved in the job as well, especially if you have more teaching responsibilities than you can handle.

  1. Sale of phone cards and data sets

Selling phone and data cards for different networks is another best tax-free business idea to start with. in the United States of America, especially if the business is started on a small scale. Besides people who sign up for postpaid plans, most people regularly buy calling cards and data.

Depending on the country you live in, there are several telecommunications companies that you can deal with with their calling cards and data plans. Selling calling cards and data packs is a straightforward, easy to set up retail business that doesn’t require any skills. In fact, this type of business can thrive anywhere as long as there are people who use mobile communications and the Internet.

  1. Launch a crowdfunding website

If you are truly a social entrepreneur with ICT skills and want to start a duty free business in the United States of America, one of the successful and profitable social enterprises you can start is a crowdfunding website. Crowdfunding sites are one method of funding. where ordinary people like you and me can raise funds for our personal, charitable or business projects. You may be wondering how are you going to make money from this type of business. Of course, you will receive a certain percentage of the amount raised for the project as a profit for providing the platform.

  1. Launch a partner search site (dating site)

If you are a relationship expert or a relationship enthusiast and want to capitalize on your passion, you can create a matchmaking site; an online community where you can help people looking for partners meet.

It is your responsibility to create a favorable environment and you can make money by charging membership fees to budding members. Besides the membership fee, you can also sell your products (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) if you have any. You can also make yourself available to those who need professional advice, especially when it comes to relationships.

  1. Start an online marketing service

There are several strategies that an organization can use to reach its target markets, and one of them is online marketing. Whether you have your own products or decide to sell other people’s products, the internet is one of the cheapest and perhaps the easiest ways to market your products.

All you have to do is register with the organization and they will assign leads to you, it is your responsibility to follow them until you start selling with them, then you will be paid commissions. free in most cases. In response to them, you can send reminder emails, chat with them, as well as video communication with them, etc.

  1. Start an online skills training course

As stated earlier, there are many tax-free online businesses in the United States of America, and one of them is online job training. The internet has made it possible for professional trainers to make money by teaching people without ever meeting them physically.

For example, if you want to educate people on how to make hats, or how to make bags, or how to do it, all you have to do is video chat. You can also submit your videos and tutorials online after paying. Distance is not a barrier when it comes to the Internet, and you can make a lot of money with this type of business without paying taxes.

  1. Start online foreign language learning / training services

If you speak and write more than two international languages, you can make money by offering language teaching / learning services online. All you have to do is list your online services and the people who need them. that you propose will contact you.

Just make sure you have resources (soft copies that can help your teachings). If you can speak and write 2 or 3 of these languages; In French, English, Spanish, Chinese, German and Arabic, you should consider starting an online language learning and learning service.

  1. Create and sell wallpapers online

Another duty free business to start in the United States of America is creating and selling wallpapers online. There is no doubt that this business is good, but you are unlikely to make huge profits from it; at the same time, it is a business that does not take your time and is tax free. It’s a business that you can run while still having a paid job or doing other things.

  1. Start Selling Resource Videos Online

YouTube and other video publishing sites and some internet platforms where you can sell your videos. If you can create videos to teach people how to do things for themselves and post them online, you will be amazed at how much people demand videos all over the world. Therefore, if you want to start a duty free business in the United States of America, you should consider producing and selling video resources online.

  1. Open a pay-per-view website

People are always on the move, especially those who are bustling cities around the world, but that shouldn’t stop them from watching football, basketball and any other game live. If you can get the permission to broadcast matches live, you will surely attract many customers from all over the world. Just make sure you have a secure payment platform.

  1. Start teaching people to cook online

If you are good at cooking local and international food, one of the tax-exempt businesses you can start in the United States of America is teaching people to cook. You will be amazed at the high response rate you get if you publish this service online. Aside from online, you can also advertise your services to people in your community and use your kitchen to teach them how to cook.

  1. Start trading cryptocurrency

Lately people are starting to get carried away with the idea of ​​using cryptocurrency to do business online and, good enough, it’s now a tax-free business. in the United States of America. You should have seen people buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Swiss Gold et al. The truth is you can start this type of business in the United States of America, trade with clients from around the world whole and make huge profits with Enterprise.

  1. Online music streaming and download services

Starting a website to stream and download music online is another free business idea to start. in the United States of America. If you are planning to start your own music streaming business, the first rule of thumb is to have a desktop or laptop computer with the speed and capacity that can handle live streaming.

Computers are configured for different purposes, so make sure yours is configured by an expert for this purpose. Having only one computer without an Internet connection may be unnecessary; the reason is that you have to be online to run this business.

  1. Start an Amazon FBA Business

Another duty free business to start in the United States of America is the Amazon FBA business. Amazon Execution, often referred to as Amazon FBA, is the choice of sellers on Amazon, which distributes execution to sellers on Amazon. Amazon sells its product in the Marketplace along with products from third party sellers.

When a product is purchased from a third-party seller on Amazon, who ships that item depends on the fulfillment method chosen by the seller. FBA products are sold by third party sellers and must be labeled and shipped to Amazon warehouses before Amazon can handle FBA fulfillment. Amazon offers two labeling options for FBA, each with variables that can affect profitability and schedule.

  1. Vehicle license brokerage services

Vehicle license brokerage is undoubtedly one of the tax free business ideas that is thriving in the United States of America. The vehicle license and other documents relating to the vehicle usually expire every year, so it is possible to renew it at least once a year; Conduct that has expired is a crime.

The launch of a vehicle registration brokerage service involves helping individuals and businesses renew a vehicle license. This type of business can be successfully combined with other related brokerage firms and you will get fresh money without paying taxes.

  1. Start real estate brokerage

Becoming a real estate broker is another tax-free business idea to start in the United States of America. A real estate agency (brokerage firm) typically receives a payment, called a commission, to successfully match the seller’s property with the buyer’s real estate needs; in order to be able to conclude a sale or a rental / rental

In most cases, the commission received is shared with other brokers or realtors who have played their part in ensuring that the property is sold or rented as appropriate. It is important to note that in the United States of America, each state has its own unique laws that clearly define the types of relationships that may exist between real estate agencies and real estate owners.

  1. Create an adult education center

Most US states do not tax this type of business and even receive support from the US government. There are men and women who for one reason or another have not attended formal school and therefore cannot read or write.

These people now have the option to return to school through adult education, if you intend to present recognized certificates / diplomas at your adult training center, you must apply for accreditation and license from your city’s education council.

  1. Lawn maintenance service offer

Offering lawn care services, albeit on a small scale, is one of the tax-free businesses that a budding entrepreneur can successfully start in the United States of America. This business is easy to start and manage, the main equipment needed to start this type of business is a lawn mower, shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, scissors, etc.

Lawn care and maintenance is a seasonal business, and the industry experiences winter downtime in most US states. Demand for lawn care services typically peaks in the spring of April through October. That’s why lawn care companies always and everywhere find sources of lawn care offers during this time of year.

  1. Start a plumbing business

Small Scale Doing Business is another tax-free business idea to start in the United States of America. Lately it seems plumbers are hard to find; and the plumbers available in most communities are not sufficient to serve the community. You will need to learn plumbing skills if you are considering starting a plumbing business. This type of business can be run successfully alone or with one or more employees, especially if you want to take advantage of business tax.

  1. Home drawing business

Small-scale fine art painting is another example of a lucrative, tax-free business idea that an entrepreneur can start in the United States of America. One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home is to paint your home. This suggests that professional painters have many business opportunities.

So, if you want to start a duty free business in the United States, a business that requires minimum start-up capital, and a business that you can successfully work on your own or with one or more employees, you can start a home painting business. . It is important to note that you will need training as a painter before you can successfully launch this type of business.

  1. Start a roof maintenance and restoration business

A small roof maintenance and restoration business is another duty-free business that an aspiring entrepreneur can successfully start in the United States of America. Roofs are prone to wear and tear due to the harsh weather conditions, so after a while you will find that the roof is leaking when it rains.

It is the responsibility of the company to maintain and rebuild the roof to help repair these leaks as well as to replace worn roofs. Note that while you don’t have to pay business income tax, you will still have to pay personal income tax.

  1. Start a photography business

Another non-taxable business to start in the United States of America is the photography business. In order to enjoy tax freedom, you must run your photography business from your home. You are supposed to cover events and make money. Please note that in most states you will still be paying personal income tax.

  1. Start a dog breeding business

In the United States of America, small dog breeding businesses are not taxable. Among pets, dogs are considered to be one of the closest companions of humans. The dog business is a lucrative business, especially in countries where people like dogs.

Dogs are used for hunting, security, pets, play, and in some countries as a major source of protein. If you are looking to start your own kennel, be sure to research dog breeds that are selling well in your area. It is important to note that puppies are easier to sell than adult dogs.

  1. Start a small-scale fumigation service

Another duty free business to start in the United States of America is the launch of a small-scale fumigation service. Fumigation is carried out to remove unwanted insects and weeds. It is a profitable business enterprise that is easy to set up and manage. If you want to start a fumigation business, you should contact the relevant authorities in your country to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to handle chemicals.

  1. Music download center for movies, PC games and apps

Another duty free business to open in the United States of America is a small business center where people can download music, movies, computer games, and apps. To start this type of business, you need a laptop and a willingness to work; it is a business that can be started successfully with minimal start-up capital. This type of business, if well run, will surely bring a good return on your investment and you will in fact be able to run this type of business without renting a store.

  1. Become a Forex trader

Forex, like most online businesses, is tax free; You can successfully start this type of business in a small town. Online currency trading can be risky, but it is indeed a very lucrative online business, and if you have good analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of cash flow and the stock market, you can do well as a forex trader. You can learn how to become a professional forex trader on Google Forex, trading platforms, and tutorials.

  1. Vigilante group community

The Community Watch Group is one of the tax-free businesses that a trained military or security contractor can start in the United States of America. The primary responsibility of community vigilance teams is to ensure the safety of a particular community, especially at night. You will need to apply for and obtain permits before your vigilante group can legally bear arms, and you may need to prove that this type of business is not taxed in the state in which you wish to start a business.

  1. Garage company

Another profitable, tax-free business that an entrepreneur is looking to start in the United States is the garage sale business. American states can start successfully with a little seed capital. A consignment business or garage business sells second-hand items such as electronics, shoes, clothing, caps, bags, kitchenware, etc. in your garage.

  1. Start a soccer jersey customization business

Start a small, tax-free soccer jersey customization business that can be started in the United States of America. Of course, you will have to learn a trade, but trust me, it is not too difficult a trade to master and you can learn it in 24 hours, especially if you already have an interest.

The best basketball, baseball, football and other clubs have a fan base all over the world, hence the high sales of jerseys. Part of what you might need for this type of business to start growing is good graphic skills and a sales network to help you access quality jerseys at affordable prices.

  1. Become a guide

Becoming a tour guide is, without a doubt, another tax-free business idea to start in the United States of America. All that is needed to successfully launch this type of business is to make sure that you are fluent in at least one or more foreign languages; it can be English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese or German. In addition, you must also know the area well.

If you are sure that you can translate or interpret effectively, then all you need is to position yourself in places where you can have access to tourists; this can be in the hotel lobby (you will need to arrange with the hotel manager) or as recommended by a travel agent.

  1. Open a community museum (arts and arts). Culture)

If you are interested in art and culture, there is one tax-free business you should consider: opening a public museum; a place where the art and culture of your community will be preserved. If you are considering starting this type of social enterprise, you will need to partner with your local government and possibly higher education institutions in your city or community. In addition to the income you will receive from visitors and tourists, you may also receive grants and funding from donor agencies, individuals, businesses and your government.

  1. Organization of carnivals and other related events in your community

Another tax-free business idea that an entrepreneur should consider, especially if you are good at hosting events, is to start hosting carnivals. and other related events in your community, especially if your community regularly attracts tourists and visitors.

If your events are well organized, you can successfully receive financial support and sponsorship agreements from your local government, corporate organizations active in your community, and people interested in the event you are planning. to organize.

  1. Start a business that organizes excursions for schoolchildren

It is a tradition in most schools, especially elementary and secondary schools. take your students on excursions from time to time. A guided tour is the path students take from their school to gain a first-hand learning experience. Therefore, if you are good at organizing trips and want to make money from a non-taxable business in the United States of America, one option is to organize excursions for schools. If you are good at marketing you will be able to make deals with many schools in and around your area.

  1. Start organizing a student exchange program

Another duty-free business that an entrepreneur should consider is organizing student exchange programs. Many students are more than willing to leave their home countries to participate in international programs. For them, it is an opportunity to discuss and discuss with foreign students. It’s a great way to make money, but it takes hard work to make sure students get their money’s worth.

  1. Start a cardboard recycling business

Another thriving ax-less business that a budding entrepreneur should consider is cardboard recycling. Starting a recycling business in most countries around the world receives support from state and federal governments, so you should consider start your own recycling business. One area where you can specialize in recycling is cardboard. The cardboard recycling market is very large.

The cardboard recycling activity is the collection of used cardboard then their recycling for reuse. the production of cardboard or other related material such as books, paper, folders, etc. The fact that the cardboard recycling business is indeed a profitable business and requires moderate start-up capital to set up, and the fact that you have a chance to get tax breaks in most countries of the world.

  1. Start a medical waste recycling business

Another lucrative, tax-free business is the medical waste recycling business that an entrepreneur who is serious about making money can start in the United States of America. The recycling industry is a thriving industry, so medical waste recycling is no exception. While most waste disposal companies get tax breaks, you need to make sure that your medical waste recycling business is tax exempt. …

  1. Collecting and selling scrap gold begins

Collecting and selling scrap gold is another lucrative, tax-free business idea that an entrepreneur can successfully launch. You can start making money by collecting scrap metal from condemned computers and electronics right from your garage or yard. You can start where you are.

The good thing about this process is that you only need around $ 20 to collect 1 ounce. the cost of scrap gold and the cost of it can reach $ 300. The good thing about this lucrative business is that you can get raw materials i.e. broken and doomed computers and electronics for free.

If you visit workshops where specialists repair and repair faulty computers or electronics, you can always find the ones that cannot be repaired and can be thrown away. Approach them and they will be ready to give it to you for free because they will see you as a helping hand to dispose of it.

  1. Carsharing services

Carsharing services are another booming trend and of course a lucrative, tax-free business idea that an entrepreneur should consider starting with it. The carsharing business involves bringing together people who stay on the same axle and work on the same axle to share cars rather than driving alone to work every day. It’s a good way to save energy and also reduce your carbon footprint. Your job is to make connections, monitor the process and award commissions.

  1. Provide training and mentorship to youth in your community

The crime rate is on the rise in the United States of America. One way to reduce crime is to involve young people in a productive business. In fact, the government of any country will be more than willing to partner with any non-profit organization willing to work with young people.

So if you are considering starting a duty free business, including a youth social enterprise, one of your options is to offer training and mentorship to young people in your community. Training can be in the areas of soft skills, sports, how to become a successful volunteer, computer training, etc.

  1. Sale and installation of Christmas trees and Christmas lights

At Christmas It is the season for people to decorate their homes and offices with trees and lights. Therefore, if you want to start a duty free business, one option is to sell and install Christmas trees and lanterns in homes and offices.

While this type of business is seasonal, that doesn’t mean it’s not a profitable business venture to participate in. In fact, you can start this type of business with little or no start-up capital. Just be sure to use word of mouth and the internet to market your services.

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