Halal Small Business Ideas for 2021

Halal Small Business Ideas for 2021

Are you an Islamic believer looking for a business to start; a business that matches your faith?  here are 50 best halal business ideas for 2021.

Halal is an Arabic word meaning legal or permitted. The opposite of halal is haram, which means illegal or prohibited. Halal and Haram are universal terms which refer to all aspects of life. Since halal simply means permitted in Arabic, it can be referenced to any product or service that does not violate Islamic laws and social norms in any way.

It is generally used in connection with food, meat products. cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and food contact materials. As for food, it is the dietary standard prescribed in the Koran (Muslim script).

Today, the large number of Muslims in the world presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and manufacturers of halal products, cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Global consumption of the above food categories by Muslims is estimated at 1.26 trillion. US dollars per year.

The halal sector is expected to reach $ 3.7 trillion by 2021. Considering these numbers, it is evident that this is a great time to start a business focused on the Muslim religion. Here are 50 halal business ideas;

50 best halal business ideas for 2021

1.  Halal Bed and Breakfast:  This business idea is especially good for those who have vacant rooms in a city or country that attracts tourists. Halal guesthouses will attract tourists and Muslim travelers. Starting this type of business does not require a large investment and can be managed from the comfort of your home.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and network! You can find customers by uploading profiles to services such as air-bnb or by posting a listing to many Halal travel agencies.

2. Halal tourism. The Islamic tourism market is largely unused and therefore offers many opportunities for earning money. Halal tourism provides Muslim tourists with travel destinations and services that comply with Sharia law and regulations. Many Muslim travelers would prefer to be in a culturally sensitive environment such as no alcohol consumption, restrictions on gender mix and availability of places of worship etc. Many Muslim husbands belong to the working class. This indicates a corresponding increase in the demand for child care services. Many Muslim parents would prefer their child to be cared for in Halal kindergarten.

This type of business does not necessarily require a lot of start-up capital, and working from home is still possible unless you choose to start the service elsewhere. With the right marketing strategy, you should have no problem finding new customers. You can also use word of mouth referrals.

4. Halal Take Away:  If you love to cook, you can always make money with it. The take-out service is developing rapidly and nowadays many Muslims choose to buy quality homemade food rather than buying from restaurants where they are unsure whether the food they are buying is halal or no.

Not to mention that quality halal food is not easy to find, as many sacrifice quality in a very competitive market. Bringing out a takeout from your house or a small kiosk outside your house will surely attract your neighbors who do not have time to cook etc. and with the right care your business will grow.

5. Halal Catering:  If you are a specialist in preparing Halal products, you can offer your services as a supplier and organize events such as birthdays, weddings, birthdays, etc.

6. Halal  Food Truck  :  The food truck is one of the most profitable food retailers in cities these days. The business model has been tested and tried, and many start-ups are making huge waves with the companies. Business is like a restaurant on wheels, and you serve food in a place accessible to the customer.

You can meet the needs of Muslims by operating a food truck that provides halal food. Alternatively, you can take advantage of IT services and run a dedicated app that accurately locates your truck to attract more customers.

7. Halal Recipe Blogger:  Many people would like to cook Halal food on their own, but they don’t know how to cook them. If you are good with different halal recipes, you can share them with the world through your website or blog.

8. Halal Bookstore:  You can open a bookstore where you can sell the Holy Quran and other religious books on the Muslim religion. There is a large market for the Holy Quran and other religious books, especially if you have done your homework before filling the bookstore with books. No matter what you think, there aren’t enough bookstores in the United States today.

Even though eBooks are growing in popularity, there is still nothing that can completely replace that curled up couch feeling with a printed book. Besides running a bookstore from a physical location, it is also helpful to have an online store where your customers can easily purchase your books.

9. Islamic Marriage Office:  You can open an Islamic Marriage Office to help Muslims complete half of their life (religion). Finding a marriage partner becomes difficult for many people in Muslim communities. Introducing potential partners to suitable companies can be a profitable idea for future entrepreneurs.

10. Halal Dating App: It is  sometimes difficult for single Muslims to find partners in the United States who are willing to get married, especially when you factor religion into the equation. You can create a dating app to help you out. As smartphone technology becomes more popular, if you are interested in the technology, you can customize the Halal dating app to match relationship trends as many people are turning to finding life partners. online.

11, Halal Blog: The  blog is a stand-alone website that is regularly updated. If you like to write, you can open a blog where you can discuss various topics in the Islamic world, such as modest fashion, halal business news, halal travel, lifestyle, etc. There are many ways to monetize a blog, so you don’t have to stick to one …

You can make money from blogging, advertising on your blog, selling your own courses and books, affiliate marketing, and of course Google Adsense. The more traffic, the more money you make. Even if you write on your blog every day, but only ten people are looking at it, you won’t make a lot of money.

12. You can set up a store of history books in the Islamic genre, as well as archaeological literary jewelry to avid collectors and get good prices on special and rare items.

13. Personal Trainer:  You can become a Halal life coach by providing advice and guidance to clients on how to motivate and improve life experiences.

14. Editor  storybooks  Halal Kids:  If you are good at  storytelling  , you can become a publisher of children’s stories by creating Islamic narrative material suitable for children, colorful and teachings and Islamic lessons.

15. Private  tutors : People are generally looking to hire private tutors for themselves or their children to help them improve their written and spoken Arabic. If you are a teacher or are fluent in Arabic, you may find people willing to hire private tutors and offer their services to such people.

16. Online Tutoring:  . There is a wide range of tutoring opportunities available on the internet where you can teach those who live around the world from the comfort of your own home. Once you have created a free online tutor profile, active students will be able to communicate with you online. You can teach Arabic lessons via Skype or FaceTime, and hourly rates tend to range from $ 12 to $ 35 per hour, and sometimes you can even charge higher fees.

If you have a busy schedule, you can set days and times when you won’t be available so you don’t leave your customers stranded. Online tutoring is a really good business that you can use to make money on the side, but you can still build relationships with others through a one-on-one session.

17. Calligraphy:  Become a calligraphy teacher and help students learn to write Grand Arabic using ancient techniques, helping people increase their creativity and develop their talents.

18. Halal Greeting Cards:  You can do an Islamic themed greeting cards business for special seasons like Eid and Ramadan.

20. Nashed Artist:  Use your voice to become a Nasheed Artist and perform at events such as church gatherings and weddings.

20. Play the Duff:  Duff is one of the musical instruments allowed in Islam. You can learn to duff and perform at events such as Eid holidays, religious events, cultural events, and social entertainment days. Magazine: You can create a digital magazine dedicated to Islam and Islamic economics and then sell advertising space.

22. Islamic marriage counselor:  Family life is not always easy for some as there are many difficulties along the way. As a marriage counselor, you will be responsible for leading couples to a successful union. If you are experienced enough, you can become an Islamic marriage consultant who deals with situations affecting couples, although training and accreditation may be required.

23. Clothing store:  You can open a Hijab clothing store. You can decide to go the brick and mortar route by opening a physical store, or you can set up an online store.

24. Sportswear:  There are sports hijabs that allow Muslim women to exercise while reducing the inconvenient problems associated with wearing the hijab. You can design sports hijabs and sell them to Muslim women who work out in gyms, outdoors, or who want to participate in sports.

25. Painting and art. Become an Islamic artist by painting canvases, creating artwork, oil paintings and sketches and selling them to buyers. If you are not good as an artist, you can buy from an artist and then sell to other people for a higher price.

26. Guide:  If you live in a city with Islamic history, you can become a guide and take tourists to the area, explaining historical events, discussing architecture, and presenting interesting historical facts about the area.

27. Halal travel agency: Create a halal travel agency offering vacation packages to destinations such as UAE, Turkey, Malaysia and Maldives. Halal travel is on the rise and increasingly popular with the nascent Muslim middle class, who have more income to spend. With the right marketing, halal travel packages can be a big business.

28. Bridals:  You can start a business focused on Muslim wedding dresses and sell them in stores and in your area.

29. Tailor:  If you have the skills to make, repair or adjust ill-fitting clothes, you can profit from this business idea. You will need a sewing machine and fabrics to get started. You can also expand your services to include shalwar kamez, abaya, clothing and other modest clothing.

30. Fashion designer:  Instead of sewing clothes, you can specialize in designing modest clothes. Muslim clothing sales reached $ 253 billion in 2015.

31. Video game:  If you have technical skills, you can create a halal-friendly video game available for download on online platforms.

32. Halal Cooking Tutorials:  Cooking is not just a skill that is limited to cooking in your home. If you work in a restaurant industry that knows how to cook halal foods, you can expand your services to include training future chefs on how to cook a variety of dishes. Offer cooking classes that prepare halal foods and products, and in doing so, you can help educate and educate people on how to become better chefs. Candles and Incense: Candles and incense are regularly used for worship in this religion. You can earn money by selling these products.

34. Gift Basket:  Create halal gift boxes full of goodies to give at weddings, as gifts and on special occasions and sell them to the public.

35, Halal Virtual Assistant:  Recently, virtual assistants have gained popularity as they reduce the costs that would normally be incurred to hire full time staff. A virtual office assistant provides services like a regular assistant. He / she sends e-mails, enters data, manages the calendar and participates in the maintenance of the social network account. Most virtual assistants typically pay between $ 10 and $ 15 an hour. You can become a virtual assistant for your existing Halal online business.

36. Podcast: A  podcast is like a personal radio show where you discuss specific topics. You can create a podcast in which you will discuss the Islamic religion. Before you think about monetizing your podcast, you need to make sure that it contains rich and interesting content. You can monetize your podcast through sponsorship, affiliate marketing, or even selling your own product.

37. YouTube Channel: This  is one of the most versatile ideas that you can easily implement from the comfort of your home. If managed well, a YouTube channel can be as profitable or even more profitable than a traditional blog. You don’t need a domain to get started, and you don’t need to spend any money to host your channel. You also have a large audience and a ready-made platform that you can work with.

Plus, approving AdSense through YouTube is super easy and what’s more, you can start earning income from day one you create your account and send Mail. You can just go to YouTube, download the video, and start from there. You can create a YouTube channel based on the religion of Islam and share your faith with others.

Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and your video could be one of them. You can get paid by activating Google Adsense on your channel, sponsoring videos, and selling your services or those of other users on YouTube.

38. Publishing eBooks:  If you want to publish eBooks these days, you don’t have to do it the hard way, requiring publishers, publishing companies and everything in between. You can just go to Amazon (website) where you can come in handy a direct publisher that will let you publish eBooks on Amazon.

Amazon is not only the biggest eBook website, but also one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. So in general they have a lot of traffic that you can use to generate more sales. You can write an eBook based on belief in Islam, download an eBook, and earn a lot of money for free.

39. Halal Wedding Planning:  If you understand the art of event management and know how to organize a wedding according to Muslim traditions, then you can take advantage of the many weddings that take place and offer your services as a manager. events. You can do this business as a single person or you can hire dedicated and experienced people to help you in your endeavors.

40. Halal Cosmetics: Halal Cosmetics  are body and skin care products that do not contain materials prohibited by the Islamic religion. Halal cosmetics are based on the concepts of Halal and Non-Halal, Najis and Mutanahis, safety and quality. Halal cosmetics is considered an innovation for the cosmetics industry as it introduces new external and internal operations which will meet the growing needs of customers.

Halal Cosmetics ensures Halal compliance, which applies primarily to the entire supply chain, which spans the sourcing of raw materials through production, transportation, handling and storage. If you know how to make these cosmetics, you can start producing them and selling them to others.

41.  Pharmaceutical  halal: the  pharmaceuticals  halal  contain ingredients authorized by the Sharia and do not contain ingredients and are not subject to any considered haram process. You can start manufacturing or distributing these drugs and profit from them.