3 important questions to ask a plastics manufacturer

3 important questions to ask a plastics manufacturer

No matter what your profession, making your product takes a lot of work and detail. However, when this product is something like a component for high tech equipment or medical equipment, failure is not an option. You need to have quality products and they need to be assembled with precision to perform at peak performance.

Weiss-Aug offers assembly services. They have been doing this for almost half a century and they know what the result is. If you’re dealing with a parts maker or assembly service, you need to ask yourself a few questions. The answers will determine if you are working with the right company.

Questions for your plastics manufacturer:

1) What type of equipment and methods do you offer?

Not all plastics manufacturers are the same. The difference is in the services they provide. Some adhere to the reliable injection molding method. This has been tested over the years and has proven to be the best method for precision parts in the past. Blow molding can be used for the grooved part. This uses gas to detonate the center of an object to dig it out. In recent years, 3D printing has taken the industry by storm. A special printer is programmed to place layer by layer of plastic to create a single, one-piece piece made to specification.

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2) Are you focusing on larger capacity orders?

One of the ways that plastics manufacturers have improved (to be more competitive) in recent years is to focus on customer service. Many companies have gone bankrupt. They offer a very personalized service and you have a whole project team for your order. So how can this be bad? Of course, great service and attention to detail is required. But when the time comes to produce huge amounts of product, can small groups handle the load? Can they still produce a quality product at a reasonable price and on time for large capacity orders? When time is of the essence and your business is at the limit, that’s it.

3) Are you set up to deliver where I want delivery?

We live in a global economy. Many of our companies have branches and customers in other countries. Even if it doesn’t, it’s safe to say that shipments will need to take place in multiple locations across multiple states. If you’re dealing with a manufacturer that has never shipped out of state, does they have the resources to ship the order when it’s ready and use a service that can deliver on time? If the only shipping company it uses does not deliver the goods to your state, the cargo must be turned over to another company along the route. It takes time and every time a shipment is sent to multiple hands there is a greater chance of error.

These are important factors when manufacturing your product. It is important to know who you are dealing with. What experience do they have? How well trained are their employees and what safety procedures are in place to ensure minimum errors? As stated earlier, answering these questions will let you know if you are dealing with the right plastic manufacturer for your needs.

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