3 effective ways to improve personal relationships in business

3 effective ways to improve personal relationships in business

Even if you have great products, affordable prices, and quick turnaround times, without giving customers a personal touch, your business may never get started.

Overall, improving the business relationship with your customers will make all the difference in a great first year compared to one where you wonder why you are consistently in the red. For tips on how to make it easier and more efficient, consider the following:

1. make every customer feel special

To make personal connections in business, you must strive to make every customer feel like he or she is important to you. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than animal giant Chewy.com when heartbroken pet owner recently asked the company to cancel their automatic pet food order – unfortunately the owner’s cat has been dead for 17 years – the customer service rep not only sympathized and handled the refund, but she sent a nice condolence card with flower delivery. The grieving customer walked away feeling like they had made a connection with someone who truly understood their pain, and Chewie took great steps to make every pet owner feel like part of their business family. .

2. Offer support to your customers

Rather than feeling like the time spent with their customers is spent after the sale is over, successful business owners will find that their relationship is just beginning. When your customers call you with an additional question, thank them for the request and let them know that you are more than happy to help them with their issues. Remember, the younger generation loves to communicate through social media, so if you have business pages on Facebook and Instagram, keep an eye out for those sites for customer questions and respond quickly.

An Amway business is quite successful with the “We’re Here for You” approach, and it is Amway, which provides an impressive support network for its new business owners. From mentoring to free training programs, Amway does a great job of being available to its independent business owners. And while some wonder if Amway pyramid model The company has proven that its successful business model is legitimate and trustworthy.

3. If necessary, apologize

The ability to kiss each other and put on makeup figuratively is an important way to build personal bonds in business. No matter how hard you try to please everyone, there will always be some annoying customers who will complain about your product or price. Going back to the point of social media earlier, unhappy customers have been known to post negative reviews online without contacting you in the first place. By closely following every social media post, apologizing, and promising to correct the situation, you will not only surprise the Crabby customer, but anyone who reads the posts as well. Of course, the same goes for customers who call or email with a complaint – listen carefully to what the person says. sincerely apologize and solve the problem.

Satisfied customers, a successful business

Working on your personal relationships in business should be as high a priority as making sure your products and services are top notch. By supporting yourself, doing your best and, if necessary, eating a bit of crow and solving any problems that arise, you will not only have a strong relationship, but a strong and successful business as well.

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